At Mehran we always work towards ensuring we run a sustainable business.

Our core cane procurement area is one of the richest and most densely populated cane zones in Pakistan. The quality of land and vast irrigation network in our vicinity allows our farmer to have a higher farm yield than the countries average. It also allows Mehran to have one of the highest factory yields in the country. This allows us to be a competitive sugar producer.

Our sugar processing facility is also one of the most efficient in Pakistan. Our crushing capacity is above the average size of mills in the country thus allowing us economies of scale. Our investment in energy and plant efficiency also makes us a low cost and long term player.

Our final product, sugar, continues to remain a necessity without any competing alternative. Also, a growing population in Pakistan and the subsequent consumption growth continues to ensure that demand for sugar remains strong.

Our investments in ethanol, farming and other blue chip local companies listed on the PSX allows us to have a diversified balance sheet which can sustain any cyclical downturn in our core business.

We follow recognised high standards, work with industry leading service providers, and engage in credible initiatives in our pursuit of sustainability. Our credibility and goodwill with our investors, suppliers and creditors allows us to continue to remain a sustainable business.

We actively monitor, mitigate and exploit the market, regulatory and economic issues related to and arising from sustainability.